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Anthony F. Mauro 's 1967 Firebird 400

Mark Kane 's 1966 GTO

Wayne Allin's 1969 Firebird

Mark Hutchison's 1980 Trans Am

Ernie Nolan's 1980 Trans Am

Vic DiBello's 1972 GTO

Murray Robinson and Janet King's 1970 GTO

Steve Caldwell's 1972 Ventura

Preston Larson's 1970 Formula 400

Mark Hennessy's 73/76/79 Formula clone

Mark Gauthier's Trans Am

eric doukas's 1965 Lemans

Keith bigelow's 1968 Gto

Kelly R's 1968 Firebird

Jay DeLaigle's 1974 Trans Am

Rob Sayer's 1977 Trans Am

janne wallin's 75 transam targa

Shawn Genge's 1966 GTO

Shawn Genge's 1966 GTO

shawn baird's 1968 firebird 400

Mike Adair's 1973 Ventura

Adam and Melissa Woodmancy's 1969 GTO

Walt Cotturone's 1976 Trans Am

Tim john---'s 1967 GTO

Ken Keefer (Ken's Speed & Machine)'s 1976 TA

Dave Kennedy's 1965 GTO

Paul Fargo's 1969 Firebird

Jeff Schroeder's 1966

Richard Guido's 1965 GTO

Johnny Sandhu's 1980 Trans AM

Susan Fougere's 1968 Firebird

Ed Brown's 1965 LEMANS/GTO

RANDY L.PADDOCK's 1973 Lemans Sport Coupe

Eric Doukas's 1965 Lemans

Darby's 1974 Grandville

Michael Mattiaccio's 1969 GTO

Bill Hunter's 1976 Grand Prix

Roger Simon's 1976 Trans Am

Curt's 1974 Formula

Paul G. Fargo's 1969 GTO Judge

Charles's 1976 Trans Am

Darren Hoffman's 1972 GTO

Jim Bernhardt's 1979 Trans Am

Cliff Ruggles's 1973 Ventura

Stefan 's 1964 LeMans

Dan Willms's 1966 GTO

joe kasl's 1971 firebird

Jeff Verdi's 1968 Firebird

Joe [gtojoe]'s 1970 GTO Judge

michael mattiaccio's 1969 GTO GTO

Dave Crombie's 1968 GTO

Ari �rv�s's 1976 Firebird T/A

John Dampf's 1970 GTO

Brad Shoemaker (Hooter)'s 1965 Lemans

Bruce Morrison's 1970 The Judge

Jim Buckner's 1965

John Dampf's 1970 GTO

Jack Ferris's 1969 GTO

Brandon wehler's 1974 Ventura

Joel Vroman's 1967 Firebird

Guyle Rude's 1964 Temp

Brett Liukkonen's 1967 Firebird Convertible 455

Reed Racing's 1966 GTO

Shawn Genge's 1966 GTO

Charles Fougere's 1976 Trans am

Richard Guido's 1965 GTO

Derek Brinsky's 1974 ventura

Dave Mcgarry's's 1963 Tempest

Ken Lowe's 1969 Firebird

Johnny Sandhu's 1980 Trans Am

Bill Baker's 1969 GTO

Mark Doyal's's 1979 Trans Am



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