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Johnny Sandhu's 1980 Trans AM
(In His own Words)

Update Aug 16th 2009

Well my 6X 455 served me well but it was time for me to freshen up the motor in 2008. I worked with Dave and Marcel at SD to put together a combo that was going to fit my needs/budget (ok I went over budget haha).

With so many new options available since I built my last motor it gave me lots of different ways to go. For the bottom end I stayed with the same block, 35 over, Ohio forged crank, Tomahawk light weight I beam rods, Ross pistons, Scott Simms timing set (direct from Scott), and a Professional Products street balancer.

For the top end we worked with Dave on his new KRE 290cfm Dports. This let me get a lot more flow capiblity with good port velocity and I was able to keep my current header/exhaust config. We also went with a hydraulic roller cam, SD'd "old faithful" grind, and due to the sustained high rpm use we went with the the Crower solid roller lifters with a tight lash. I re-used my RPM intake, HEI/Crane ignition, HS 1.56 rockers and Demon 850 annular carb.

As usual my friend Mike Slusar assembled the engine.

In the car the motor's power curve is verly linear, almost deceptive as you dont have that rush of power when the RPMs come up. What you do notice is the tons of power down low and up high.

On the chassis dyno these were the results:
539 RW Ft/lbs @ 3950 RPM
477 RW HP @ 5700 RPM
32 deg advance mech timing

On the track, for my big local hillclimb event, I knocked off over a second of my best time on my first run and won my class on that run. There is more there just need to get the chassis and driver ;)to keep up with the power. On a side note the new combo also is more fuel efficient at the track.

On the street this motor is very civil, cruises much better and idles better then my old 6X combo.

As you can tell I am very happy with my new SD combo.


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Engine Specs.
455 35thou over
Ohio stock stroke crank
Tomohawk light weight I beam rods
Ross pistons
SD KRE 290cfm heads (10.5 compression)
Old Faithful hydraulic roller cam
Crower Solid Roller lifters
RPM Intake
Demon 850 carb