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Jay DeLaigle's 1974 Trans Am
(In His own Words)

Dave and Lisa are the kind of folks that simply make things happen. I cannot say enough about them. My scenario was far from the usual but it didnt stop SD Performace from turning out their BEST work.

Last year(2010)I was in about the worst possible situation for a musclecar enthuiast. Another engine builder had left me with an expensive basket case for an engine. After telling my story to Dave he agreed to take on my situation. Coming behind another builder is not the best scenario but Dave saw the trouble I was in and was willing to help.

There is no need to go into the details but,after all the issues were resolved and the Engine was complete. I could not have been happier with the power,torque and reliability. All were MORE than expected.

The patience and professionalism shown by Dave and Lisa was completely amazing. Thank you Dave and Lisa!!!!!

Best ET so far 10.89 @ 125.05 mph 4000+ lbs on polyglas tires!!!! (No slicks, No Power adders, Log exhaust manifolds!!)


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Engine Specs.

501 CID Stroker

BLOCK- 1974 Pontiac 455 Code YW 0.60 0ver, Hard filled, Clearanced for 4.50" stroke crank.
Program engineering 4 bolt caps,Durabond Cam Bearings (PP-4),Pioneer brass freeze
plugs(PE115BR),PPE windage tray.

CRANK- Moldex Custom 4.50" stroke/3.25" main BBC rod,knife edged and balanced,Federal Mogul
main bearings w/applied thermal barrier coating

RODS- PPE Tomahawk Billet 6.700 length,2.200 Big end,.990 small end,770 grams,
Clevite Rod bearings w/ applied thermal barrier coating

PISTONS- Diamond Custom 4.211 Bore 24.5cc Dome(15.10 to 1),Skirt lube coating, Floating pin,
Flame channel,Radial gas ports.

Ring Pack- Total seal Rings.043/.043/3mm

ROTATING ASSY- Fully Balanced

OIL PUMP- Melling M54ds,60 lb

CYLINDER HEADS- 1974 Pontiac 400 4x 3h Cut 0.60(to 88ccs) Competition valve grind,Ferrea/Manley valves
2.125/1.77 oversize,180 lb roller springs, CNC ported + hand port work to flow
275+ CFM (int),Port matched entrances to RAIV Dimensions,Intake heat risers aluminum
filled,10 degree super locks,Titanium retainers,bronze guides,new valve seats,Viton
valve seals,Pioneer freeze plugs

CAMSHAFT COMPONENTS- Comp custom Solid roller, Comp solid
roller lifters(859-16),Harland sharp roller rockers 1.5/1.65(6001),Comp Magnum
pushrods,Comp Billet roller T/C set (7112) w. Sims roller thrust plate.

INTAKE- 1974 Pontiac EGR cast iron intake # 495106, Ported and flowed by Wilson Manifolds with support
from Jon Kasse racing engines and SD performance.

CARBURETUR-1976 Pontiac Rochester 800cfm unit modified built to appear as a 1974 Pontiac Rochester
Quadrajet 7044262 Prepared by Cliff Ruggles Flowing 897 Cfm,choke removed.Two 1976 Chevrolet
1/4"gaskets stacked and glued with smooth transition.

TIMING CHAIN COVER- GM stock aluminum replacment with Aluminum Flo-Kooler water Pump.

EXHAUST MANIFOLDS- 1974 Pontiac Log manifolds #490142/490143,Port matched,transplanted exits from RA III
Manifolds(2.45" exits),extrude honed, directional work and flowed by Gessler head porting.

HARMONIC BALANCER- Pioneer(872031) painted to appear as stock.

PULLEYS- RARE aluminum billet "Deep" groove.

FAN ASSY- Mopar factory lightweight 5 blade fan with light duty clutch.

FUEL SYSTEM- VP C16/Q16 / Modified stock tank w/ custom fuel cell inside,-10 sump.Holley 12-150 pump into
1/2 steel lines to regulator(Holley 12-803)6.75 psi.3/8" stock line out of regulator from stock pump
location to carb.

DISTRIBUTOR- GM HEI,MSD module w/ rev limiter (6800) HEI 8mm wires,AC R43T Plugs

CONVERTER- Yank 9 1/2"" 2800 stall


STARTER- Powermaster lightweight

TRANSMISSION- 1974 Pontiac(PT)Th 400 Built By Cliff Ruggles

DRIVESHAFT- Custom built 3 1/2" Aluminum shaft with 1350 U Joints

DIFFERENTIAL- Pontiac GM 8.5 10 Bolt,Auburn 33 spline full spool,GM 3.73 Ring and Pinion,Moser 33 spline
axles(gun drilled) with c clip eliminators, 1987 grand national aluminum brake drums.

ENGINE BUILDER - SD Performance Chilliwack,BC Canada.