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Paul G. Fargo's 1969 GTO Judge
(In His own Words)

If you don't mind getting thrown out of your local drag strip for going WAY faster than your tech card allows, then talk to Dave at SD Performance. This man will get you tossed and cost you all kinds of money for suspension upgrades to handle the power he will help you make.

Seriously though, I would like to thank Dave, Marcel and Lisa for all of their help and guidance. Dave, you are truly the man. Your knowledge, integrity, kindness, patience, and dedication make you a TREMENDOUS asset to the Pontiac community. I emailed you last December after reading an article in HPP about your head porting. I was looking to radically improve the lackluster performance of my 3900 LB (race weight) full interior street driven goat that was running 10.70's @ 127 mph with a 505. Your head porting skills and guidance have resulted in me gaining to date, just a shade under a full second ET and 11+ MPH!!! I am currently going 9.80's @ 138+ and if I can figure out how to get all that new power to the ground, this overweight goat will DEFINITELY flirt with 9.50's or better. Even with a basically stock suspension, thanks to you, my old goat shows me the sky every time. The cam you speced out for me was on the money and your prediction of 9.70's was in retrospect, rather conservative. My biggest hurdle was to get over my old mindset and throw the 6400 rev limiter pill in the garbage. You told me this new 535 was going to like to rev and man, you weren't kidding! It pulls like a maniac to well over 7500. Thank GOD for forged cranks LOL!

Nothing is more fun than smoking a 572 crate engine Chevelle and seeing the look on the driver's face when he sees it's a Pontiac engine. Then they start whining and hunting for the big blue bottle and I tell them 'All throttle NO bottle bowtie boy'.

PS: Special thanks to my 'pen pal' Dave for putting up with my neurotic 2 page emails at 2:00 AM and responding to them


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Engine Specs.
535 CID
IA II block
SD ported Edelbrock Wide Ports, T&D shaft rockers
SD ported Edelbrock Victor intake manifold
SD custom spec Ultradyne solid roller
Pro Systems 1050 Dominator