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Ken Keefer (Ken's Speed & Machine)'s 1976 TA
(In His own Words)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Finally after 10 months of pure Hell over issues out of my control, I got my Hot Rod back together and made it to a Bradenton Test & Tune last weekend.
I Replaced my out of the box 360cfm plus CV-1 heads @.650 lift and ported CV-1 4bbl intake with a set of 342 cfm std pushrod location E-heads & matching ported Victor intake from SD Performance. Thanks Dave@ SD Performance. Thanks Gaby at Wilson Manifolds for your technical insight.
Everything was kept exactly the same. Same tires, rear gear. driveshaft, tranny, converter, headers, carb, ignition, rocker ratio, camshaft, lifters. springs, retainers, keepers. Timing, Ignition and shifted at the same CV-1 spot that I found best for the CV-1's. Only change; heads and intake.

Weather conditions. Elevation correction was 2300 ft. 7 mph plus headwind as a storm was heading to the coast. Track was marginal. Kevin McNickol and Dave P with his yellow Firebird were testing also. They told me their car was off over tenth from last week and after their 2nd pass loaded up and boogied as the track just wasn't there. My second pass resulted in a .05 reduced 60 ft'er that carried all the way thru on my ET timeslip. :( Had to pedal it out of the hole. So I loaded up too and left. Gonna get some new skins as the last event i ran was 10 months earlier and the tires are down to the replacement wear marks.

First pass right out of the trailer:

60 ft'er.......... 1.45
1/8th ............6.30

1/4............... *9.91

Second pass resulted in a 9.99 but had to pedal it as the track conditions went away.

So I went from a best of 10.015 to a 9.91 right off the bat and no tuning. With a head flowing roughly 20 less cfm. But better velocity. As you can see my 1/8th time really shows some muscle as the rpms pick up with no laziness. More to come. This is a Pump gas mild hyd roller combo that is making 700hp plus and maintainance free. No valve checking or adjusting and easy on parts.

Run Facts: Left on the transbrake at 4200. shifted @6400. Cam specs in the low 260's w/.648 lift. Thru the traps at 6400. Plus the car has a 2 spd Powerglide for heads up nitrous racing!!!!! Just goes to show that you don't need a 270/280 solid roller shifting at 7200 and 375cfm to run 9's on pump gas.

With the end of the season, looks like more tuning is gonna be hard to find a track open that isn't running some type of program to get runs in. So Stay Tuned for more results. I thnk there is more in this combo.

website link www.angelfire.com/fl4/pontiacdude428

Note: Ken's Speed & Machine is a dealer for SD Performance cylinder heads and other products and are a great source for well built and designed Pontiac engines.


Second outing netted a 9.783 @ 136.69mph and Ken feels there's still a bit more in it.


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Engine Specs.
535ci pump gas engine built by Ken's Speed & Machine, Ken's custom Comp Hyd. roller cam, SD Performance CNC ported 340+cfm Edelbrock 89cc heads with 2.250"/1.740" valves, assembled by Ken with his beehive/retainer combo. SD Performance CNC ported and hand finished 4500 top Victor intake.