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Roller Camshafts

Comp Cams Hydraulic roller cams
e-mail us at techsupport and we'd be happy discuss your needs. See below for a few of our most popular grinds but we have many many more proven profiles to choose from and if needed we can design a unique cam for your application.

$ 549.95

$ 769.93

"Stump Puller" hyd. roller cam
The name speaks for itself, this cam works well in mild 455-474ci with ported heads. Provides plenty of vac. for power accessories and makes very strong power off idle to 5500rpm. This cam was designed with RA/HO exhaust manifolds in mind and gives up very little performance with the manifolds over a 4 tube header. It also works well in moderate 389-428ci combo's. For more information or to place an order shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]

In a recent dyno test this cam installed in a 464ci engine with 9.5 to 1 compression, a set of our 250-260cfm CNC ported #11 cast iron heads, CNC ported cast iron Q-jet intake and a prepped Q-jet carb made 503hp and 575+ lb/ft of torque on 91 octane.

230/236 dur @ .050" lift .590"/.592" lift with 1.52 ratio rockers 112 lobe sep

$ 549.95

$ 769.93

Comp cams Solid roller cams
Custom grind or off the shelf.

$ 549.95

$ 769.93

Cam Washer (CW01)
Retains fuel pump eccentric. Correct thick washer..


$ 7.50

$ 10.50

Cam Retaining Washer (when no eccentric is used)
Timing Chain Gear Retaining Washer/Spacer When a Stock Fuel Pump Ecc. is Not Used

$ 24.00

$ 33.60

Cam Thrust Plate Kit
Hardened Cam thrust plate with grade 8 bolts and lock washers.

$ 29.95

$ 41.93

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