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Mudslide Jan 2009

January 24, 2009

Early Jan. 8th 2009 our shop was hit by a land/mudslide after some less then typical weather conditions, of a few weeks of below freezing temps, followed by a few feet of snow followed by 2 days of extremely heavy rain.

Debris from the slide filled the shop 1 1/2 feet deep. Thanks to the quick response from family, friends and other businesses we were able to remove any valuable contents and clean any affected parts before any serious damage occured.

A number of computers were damaged along with other electronic equipment but overall it could have been a lot worse.

Our first thought was to find a temporary location to setup while the building was repaired but after that became more difficult than first thought we all came to the conclusion that finding a new permanent location for SD was a better direction to go as the downtime of moving twice in a year would be far to costly and the fact that we were close to bursting at the seams at the old shop thanks to the increasing demand for our products and our committment to increasing our instock inventory to better serve our customers needs over the last few years.

On Jan. 16th we took possession of our new warehouse unit and are in the process of setting up. Things are coming together and it is going to be a better and more efficient operation in the new location as we move forward.

This is a major setback for us for 2009 but thanks to the incredible help and support of so many people we should be back up to speed by mid Feb. and will be operating at a limited capacity till then as we setup and organize our new location.

There are so many people to thank for helping us in this difficult time without their help it would be very difficult to recover from this disaster as quickly as we are. We also thank the patience of our current customers whose projects are delayed because of this as well as the customers who are patiently waiting to place their orders when we get back up and running. Without our awesome customers we wouldn't be here and we are working hard to get back on track as we have a number of exciting new packages in the works.