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KRE D-port Timing Test

March 14, 2008

We finally were able to get a set of our 85cc KRE D-port heads on the dyno to see how much timing lead they required to produce max. power. Up until this point we had dyno tested a few sets of our 74cc chamber KRE D-ports with reverse dome pistons and each time 31-32 degrees total timing lead was the optimum, but the question we had along with a lot of customers was if the larger chamber would be less efficient since typically this is the case. The shape of our 85cc chamber is based off of our 74cc chamber but was modified in the CAD/CAM software to achieve the larger volume. The test mule was a 461 ci engine with Ross flat top pistons with a 8cc valve relief volume and a static compression ratio of 10.2 to 1. We used one of our popular hyd. roller grinds, after a bunch of tuning and varying the timing up and down we found the optimum total timing lead with the 85cc chamber was 31-32 degrees. We obviously are very pleased with the results and were some what surprised as we felt that the larger chamber would most likely need a few degrees more timing. Compared to an Edelbrock 87cc chamber our KRE D-port 85cc chamber requires as much as 8 degrees! less timing to produce optimum power. If you have any questions or comments shoot us an e-mail or give us a call.