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Back To Back Dyno test KRE D-Port vs. Edelbrock

October 29, 2007

Well we finally made it to the dyno with a set of our new CNC ported 290cfm KRE D-port heads with our own CNC machined 77cc chamber, the heads feature RAIV sized entrances, 2.11/1.77 valves and a 197cc intake runner volume.

Using one of our popular street hyd. roller grinds ("Old Faithful") in a 474ci engine with 20cc dished pistons, we did a back to back test using a gasket matched Torker II and a 950hp running on 91 octane fuel.
Both the KRE D-port and our CNC ported 310cfm Edelbrock heads produced 553hp and around 585 lb/ft of torque using 1 3/4" open headers.
The Edelbrock head had a slight compression advantage with a 74cc chamber, so if anything, the KRE heads were a bit better than the E-heads in this application. Also the KRE D-port worked best with 32 degrees total timing while the Edelbrock required 35 degrees total timing to produce max. power.
The less timing lead required by the KRE D-port means we can run more compression on the same octane fuel compared to the E-head which adds up to more HP and Torque.
Another interesting note is the KRE D-port used less fuel to make the hp compared to the E-head and the VE was almost 2 percent higher. I attribute this to the 38cc smaller intake runner.
Here's a perfect example on why just looking at flow numbers doesn't tell the whole story by a long shot when it comes to choosing the correct head for a specific application.
While the KRE D-port head flows slightly less then the Edelbrock head, it is doing a better job filling the cylinders in this application.
The bottom line is both heads performed well, but if you have to pick a winner out of the test the KRE D-port gets my vote.
Both heads are priced from $1197.50 each complete. We are still working on various chamber sizes and will also be offering a 315cfm KRE D-port head in the near future. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or e-mail.