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Edelbrock Offset Shaft Rocker Race Heads

Offset Shaft Rocker Race Heads, CNC ported to flow 370cfm @ .750" lift with 267cc intake runner volume.
Includes 2.250" intake valves, custom tulip shaped, severe duty 1.740" exhaust valves, titanium retainers, spring locators, roller cam valve springs good to .750" lift, 9/16" dia. pushrod holes to allow for 3/8" pushrods.

These heads utilize a higher velocity port design with more mid lift flow when compared to other wide port heads on the market and only require .500" offset shaft rockers and .180" offset lifters, reducing pushrod angle which improves valvetrain stability.
These are the ultimate Edelbrock race heads! Capable of producing 900+hp on race gas and we've made 825+hp on pump gas with these heads and our matching Victor intake, e-mail techsupport for more details.

Larger Chambers up to 90cc are available without heart shape, contact us for more details and pricing

Crower Stainless Steel .500" Offset Shaft Rockers and Crower .180" Offset lifters With High Pressure Pin Oiling Option In Stock, e-mail techsupport for package pricing.

$ 1795.00 each

$ 2477.10 each

  * SD Performance reserves the right to change prices without notification.