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NEW!!! SD/Star Machine Pontiac Sportsman Vac. Pump Kit
We put this complete vac. pump kit together using the Star Machine Sportsman Vac. pump.

We made our own billet Pontiac specific bracket that can be mounted on either the pass side or drivers side head along with our own heavy duty one piece billet drive mandrel that accepts all the Star Machine drive pulleys and utilizes the standard Pontiac 4 bolt pulley pattern or the 3 bolt Chevy pattern found on ATI super dampers as well as others. The kit includes the Star Sportsman pump with aluminum 24 tooth pulley, SD mounting bracket with spacers, SD drive mandrel with hardware and 12 tooth drive pulley, gilmer belt, aluminum catch can with breather and hose with required fittings. This is a great kit which we've tested both on the street and strip. We typically see 15-30hp gains running this setup

$ 927.50

$ 1261.40

NEW!!! SD Billet Alt Drive Pulley
This pulley is designed to bolt on top of our vac. pump drive mandrel and is spaced to work with the BOP engineering alt. relocate kit part# PAK46

$ 100.00

$ 136.00

The Star Machine Baffle is designed to reduce the amount of oil scavenged from the crankcase by the vacuum pump. The Baffle is shielded on four sides and open on only one side. This Baffle is not a cure-all for engines that leak or have excessive blow-bye. The Baffle is designed to be installed in a 1-1/16” hole and seals via the O’ring provided. If you are using a hole saw to cut the opening we recommend using a 1” saw and file fit the remainder of the opening as most hole saws tend to cut oversize. Be sure the location you have chosen does not interfere with anything before cutting. The most common location is the front face of the valve cover (the surface that lies in the same plane as the water pump). When installed, the opening of the Baffle should be facing down (toward the cylinder head). The gap between the radius end of the fitting and the back of the Baffle will vary depending on the thickness of the material in which it is installed. The gap should be adequate to not hinder the flow of your particular vacuum pump. The ideal size of this gap will vary depending on the combination.

Part # STR.06.11.001

$ 37.95

$ 51.61

  * SD Performance reserves the right to change prices without notification.  
  * Canadian customers, please add GST. BC customers, please add GST and PST