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Our back to back dyno tests on a 462ci 500+hp 5500rpm street engine showed an honest 10+hp gain when the Canton Windage tray combined with the crank scraper were installed when compared to running just a baffled pan!!!! Less than $10 pr HP!!

All parts listed are normally stocked items unless stated otherwise.

Stock Replacement baffled pan
Stock Replacement baffled pan

$ 69.95

$ 97.93

Tomahawk Windage Tray
NEW Tomahawk Windage Tray. Constructed of 17-gauge hardened steel…thicker than the stock trays, the Tomahawk Windage Tray mirrors the design of the stock 3/4 Windage Tray with a factory scraper, bolts to your stock main caps and utilizes the stock dip stick tube. The Tomahawk Windage Tray is cad plated and ventilated for quick oil return with the holes strategically placed to maintain tray rigidity.

$ 79.00

$ 110.60

Oil Pump
Melling M-54D-S 60 psi oil pump. Includes Melling pick up with screen for stock or stock replacement oil pans. For canton pans,use matching Canton pick up.

$ 55.95

$ 78.33

Oil pump Driveshaft
Melling IS 54A oil pump driveshaft

$ 12.95

$ 18.13

Dip Stick Tube Inner(DST2)
Stainless steel inner dip stick tube for factory windage trays 1969-1973

$ 20.95

$ 29.33

Dip Stick Tube Outer( DST1S)
Stainless steel outer dip stick tube for 1966-1979 blocks

$ 29.95

$ 41.93

Dip stick tube inner with bracket(DST3)
For engines without a windage tray.

$ 23.95

$ 33.53

Dip sticks
New GM dipsticks

Part # 9793342

$ 19.75

$ 27.65

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