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CNC Ported 255-265cfm D-port cast iron heads

CNC Street port D-port heads (available for 670, 16, 62, 46, 47, 48, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 96, 7K3, 4X, 5C, 6X and other castings). Includes everything above, plus fully CNC ported 255+ cfm @ .600 lift @ 28 intake ports, fully CNC ported exhaust ports, valve springs setup for either flat tappet or hyd. roller cams, positively located spring seats for increased spring stability and longevity, ARP 7/16 rocker studs, pushrod holes notched for 1.65 rockers, flow chart included. Complete ready to bolt on package using customers cleaned and magnafluxed cores from $1795.00 or complete package including SD supplied cores starting from $1995.00 (core charges vary with casting numbers - please call for availability and pricing)
Most mild street applications will experience an easy 50+hp gain over stock heads and even more with more aggressive combo's!!!

Additonal Options for above heads

  • Cleaning + magnafluxing your cores $100 per pair

  • Fill exhaust crossovers with aluminum add $100.00 per pair

  • Hardened exhaust seats machined and installed add $120.00 per pair

For more details or questions e-mail us at techsupport

$ 1795.00

$ 2441.20

  * SD Performance reserves the right to change prices without notification.