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Bruce Morrison's 1970 The Judge
(In His own Words)

I decided that with my Judge, it would be best if there would never be an embarassing moment when lining up next to a BB chevy, a corvette, a mustang, or a mopar. Oops, I almost forgot Oldsmobile. I checked around and got introduced to Dave Bisschop and SD Performance. We set out to build a street friendly low compression motor with good vacuum to operate my new power 4 wheel disc brakes. The goal was 500+ horsepower and 550+ ft lbs. of torque.

For Dave Bisschop, this type of build is as easy as falling off of a log. Dave and SD engineered and built my motor and it met the performance goals on the dyno tests without much tuning at all. My original goal was to have a car that I could drive all over the pacific northwest and run about 12 flat in the quarter.

The first day at the strip, she ran 12.40's on street tires. Pretty damned good considering I had never drag raced or even owned a car with more than six cylinders.

With tuning and practice, my car has run a 12.14 at 114 MPH. This is with a 4 speed (M22) and a complete exhaust. This thing's got 11's in it and is a complete monster on the street when barely tapping the throttle.

I have another photo around here with Dave himself behind the wheel, banging gears and grinning ear to ear, I need to find that and post it soon.

If you have high HP goals with a Pontiac, getting SD Performance involved guarantees that your Mission will be Accomplished !!!


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