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Cliff Ruggles's 1973 Ventura
(In His own Words)

Daily driven 1973 Ventura, with 1974 GTO hood and Shaker assembly.

TH400 transmission with Continental "tight" 10" converter, 3.42 gears. 275/60/15 MT Drag radials on stock 7" rims.

Best run to date 11.39 @ 120mph, in full street trim, thru quiet mufflers, on 89 octane fuel. 60' times 1.61, 7.20 1/8th mile at 96 mph.

We were not able to dyno the engine, but would estimate that it makes around 560-580hp and around 600-620 torque. It would be happier with a bit more gear and/or converter.

Street manners are excellent, near smooth idle, with just a hint of "attitude", smooth right off idle and excellent throttle response.


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Engine Specs.
The engine is a 1968 428, with a 455 iron crankshaft, steel Tomahawk "I" beam lightweight rods, and JE pistons, compression ratio 10.99 to 1. The rotating assembly is balanced.

Heads are from SD Performance, 290cfm KRE aluminum "D" ports. They also supplied the camshaft, the "old faithful" HR cam, 236/245/112.

It is topped with a stock RPM intake, port matched only, and 1978 Pontiac quadrajet. Stock HEI distributor with a positive stop welded in for the advance, 990 module and stock coil.