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Over 22 Years Serving the Pontiac Performance Hobby!!!

Your Mail Order Pontiac Performance Induction Specialists

Bringing the Traditional Pontiac V8 Engine into the 21st Century through modern innovative design and state of the art machining

On Site 5 Axis CNC Head and intake Porting Service, we have more CNC porting programs for Pontiac heads and intakes then anyone and we're the first to offer CNC ported OEM iron heads and intakes


We can help you accomplish your pre '79 Pontiac V8 Performance goals, From Dyno And Track Tested Pontiac Engine Combinations, On Site CNC or hand ported heads and intakes, custom camshafts, top end kits to many parts you may need to build your own engine or upgrade the one you already have. If you don't see what you're looking for on the website, drop us an e-mail at techsupport. We are here to help you and save you money, by getting it right the first time around, whether we sell you all the parts or not.

Do you have Tech Questions or need help figuring out what you need to accomplish your goals? e-mail us at techsupport

ATTENTION CANADIAN Customers, with the fluctuation in the exchange rate please e-mail us for a price quote in Canadian funds as well as payment options

To Place an order e-mail us at sales

When shipping your heads to us PLEASE DO NOT ship both heads in one package, besides being too heavy for Lisa to handle it's also a good way for them to get damaged in shipping. Contact us if you need info on how best to package them. Thanks!!

Featured Products

Butler Performance "Tomahawk" Valley Pan
This valley pan is a reproduction of a stock 2-piece design that has been modified to clear all solid & hyd roller lifters. It’s steel design gives it great durability and fit as well as a stock look. Includes provision for PCV. ...[more]

$ 149.95

$ 203.93

CNC Ported 255-265cfm D-port cast iron heads
CNC Street port D-port heads (available for 670, 16, 62, 46, 47, 48, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 96, 7K3, 4X, 5C, 6X and other castings). Includes everything above, plus fully CNC ported 255+ cfm @ .600” lift @ 28” intake ports, fully CNC...[more]

$ 1695.00

$ 2305.20

KRE 295cfm CNC Ported D-port head
The KRE D-port head is a well designed head for street/strip applications. We start with a raw as cast KRE D-port head and CNC port it to flow 290-295cfm @ .550" lift with only 197cc intake runners, we then CNC machine the combustion...[more]

$ 1425.00

$ 1938.00

Edelbrock 325 cfm Street/Strip Heads
(New CNC machined heart shaped chambers with improved spark plug location!!) This package is designed to give the absolute most bang for your buck, SD gives you more for less$$$, no one offers this much cylinder head for...[more]

$ 1525.00

$ 2074.00

Edelbrock 315+ cfm CNC Ported Street Heads
(New CNC machined heart shaped chambers with improved spark plug location!!) Street Edelbrock heads, setup for hyd. flat tappet or solid or hyd. roller cam, includes everything above, fully CNC ported to flow 315+cfm@ .600”...[more]

$ 1485.00

$ 2019.60

CNC Ported 230-240cfm 389/421 Heads
CNC Ported 389/421 Head Packages!! Intake ports are fully CNC ported to flow 230-240cfm @ .550" lift with hand blended bowls and short turns on the exhaust ports to achieve 70+% exhaust to intake flow ratio. Hardened exhaust...[more]

$ 1575.00

$ 2142.00

"Stump Puller" Custom Hyd. Roller Cam
The name speaks for itself, this cam works well in mild 455-474ci with ported heads. Provides plenty of vac. for power accessories and makes very strong power off idle to 5500rpm. This cam was designed with RA/HO exhaust manifolds...[more]

$ 398.95

$ 542.57

"Old Faithful" Custom Hyd. Roller Cam
This cam is by far our most popular street/strip cam for 455-474ci engines. The name came from all the dyno testing we were doing on different combinations, this cam works so well in so many different applications we started calling...[more]

$ 398.95

$ 542.57

Edelbrock 340-350 cfm Std. Pushrod Location Street/Strip Race Heads
(New CNC machined heart shaped chambers with improved spark plug location!!) Edelbrock head package up to 340cfm on a 4.185" bore and up to 350cfm on a 4.250" or larger bore @ .700" lift. The heads feature 2.200" intake...[more]

$ 1650.00

$ 2244.00

KRE 300-305cfm CNC ported D-port head
This head package has everything our 295 package includes with taller intake ports measuring 204cc's. The package was designed for engine combo's utilizing larger duration camshafts. In a recent dyno test on a 434ci 10.8 to 1 engine...[more]

$ 1445.00

$ 1965.20





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